Day Spa

Natural Nails

Spa Manicure


A blissful extensive manicure created to give your hands a youthful, more radiant appearance (1 hr)

Essential Manicure


This gives you the bare essentials in a manicure (45 min)

Spa Pedicure


This extensive pedicure is geared toward those with callouses, dry skin, or anyone wanting to maintain healthy, beautiful feet (1 hr)

Essential Pedicure


This gives you the bare essentials in a pedicure

Polish Change


Remove old polish with professional application of a new polish color of your choice.

Callous Treatment


Foot treatment using strong exfoliants to soften and smooth away callouses (15 min)


Hydramemory Facial

$82 - $97

deep hydrating treatment for face, neck and decollete that results in renewed moisture and silkiness. Restores compactness, tone and luminosity. This treatment also returns hydro-balance to the epidermis, which contributes in prolonging youthful skin.

Sweet Dreams Evening Facial

$82 - $97

anti-oxidant vitamin facial treatment will neutralize free-radicals and nourish the tissues, while calming the epidermis.

Glorious Skin Facial

$136 - $141

intensive treatment to reduce expressions signs and give a youthful aspect. Alpha-hydroxy acids aid in the absorption of hexapeptides and promote an instant lifting effect.

Crono-reverser Express Facial 30 min.

$55 - $65

refined and refreshed skin in an express facial.

Micro Facial 25 minutes

$35 - $45

Great service for the individual on the run. This is a short version of a full facial treatment, but with no massage.

LED 15 min.


this is not a stand alone service, but to be added to any facial treatment. LED therapy is the application of light energy to the skin for therapeutic benefit. The energy delivered by the Light Emmiting Diodes (LED's) accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells as well as stimulates the production of collagen. This treatment is non-invasive and painless.