Massage Therapy in Warsaw, IN

There are many benefits to massage therapy, including releasing tension and healing your body from the aches and pains from everyday life. Our massage services are designed to help you feel pampered and rejuvenated. Our experienced massage therapists care about you and your well-being and can help you decide which massage package fits your needs. We are proud to provide maternity and prenatal massage services.

In addition to massage services, we offer guests a range of salon, day spa, and waxing services.

Massage Therapy


Your Expert Care

A prescription facial according to your skin condition and concerns, whether it be deep purification, intense hydration, or soothing nourishment.

A super active customized facial thanks to the power of natural active ingredients and the exclusive comfort touch face massage™, an exclusive massage therapy which encourages gentle awakening and awareness of body and spirit.

Hydra Memory (60 min) $99
Urban Longevity (60 min) $80
Renight (60 min) $99
Urban Longevity (30 min) $45

Your Anti-Aging Solution

Reveal vibrant, younger-looking even-toned skin with a bespoke anti-aging facial tailor-made to your specific concerns, whether it be intense exfoliation with alpha hydroxy acids immediate lifting for expression lines, deep wrinkle correction and skin redensification. Your expert therapist will ensure that your treatment bestows immediate visible results.

Double Peel (45 min) $87
Active Lift (60 min) $115
Deluxe Lift (75 min) $143


Your Firm-Tone-Elasticize Solution (full body)

The perfect anti-aging treatment for firming, toning and elasticizing the skin. A bespoke body wrap, with either remineralizing thermal waters in a creamy mud, or nourishing and elasticizing active ingredients enveloped in a cocooning mask that will deeply renew the skin and promote collagen synthesis.

Grotto GiustI Spa Mud (60 min) $112

Massage ADD-ON

Your Special Touches Express enhancements for any treatment to provide further visible results.

Extreme Moisture $10
Aromatherapy $10
Anti-Aging $10
Stress Relief for Hands (15 min) $18
Stress Relief for Feet (15 min) $18
40 min Massage $47

Other suggested services already listed on the menu in other areas include the vital leg treatment and waxing services;  bikini, brazilian, and full legs.  Please ask our spa technicians for more information.


New Mom Prenatal Massage $79

This massage is gentle, nurturing and focuses on the needs of the mother. The benefits are to increase circulation, relieve nausea, aid in postural realignment, relieve joint discomfort, open chest or deeper breathing and teach awareness of body tension patterns.

New Mom Prenatal Series $237

Series of 3 Prenatal Massages and receive a FREE [comfort zone] body strategist elasticizing oil, formulated to improve elasticity and tone, and challenge the appearance of stretch marks.

Spa Rituals

Your Massage Choice

The choice of exceptional massage rituals offering unique restoring experiences for body and soul. A precious sensorial synergy of delicate textures, aromacological scents and the power of human touch for a unique experience to deeply relax the body and mind.

Aromasoul Ritual Scrub (45 min) $64

A unique renewing scrub ritual for smooth, soft skin, enhance with your chosen essential oil blend, ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin. An ideal complement to any massage therapy.

Comfort Touch Massage (60 min) $68

A very light, relaxing, Swedish massage with our Comfort zone signature oil, tranquility blend. This massage is NOT designed to work any specific problem areas such as shoulder, neck and back problems.

Hot Stone (60 min) $116

Has a draining and detoxifying effect on the tissue due to a profound stimulation of the metabolism. Can decrease muscle soreness and spasms.

Shiatsu (she-ahe-zu) (60 min) $77

Performed with the guest dressed in loose fitting clothing. This service has its roots in Oriental Medicine, using finger/palm pressure and stretches to deeply relax and decrease the build-up of stress.

LomI LomI (90 min) $99

A unique massage inspired by the Hawaiian islands, where the therapist uses forearms and long strokes. Creates a deeper sense of relaxation.

Customized Massage

Accommodates the specific needs of the guest. We customize this massage according to each guest’s needs by integrating the massage with stretching, acupressure points, and more intense muscle therapy.

30 min $51
Series of 6 $255

60 min $71
Series of 6 $355

90 min $96
Series of 6 $480

Tranquility Pro Sleep Massage (60 min) $92
Tranquility Pro Sleep Massage (90 min) $137

This massage is designed to help you mentally disconnect from everyday life. With headphones in place, the slow rhythmic sound and scent of Tranquility combined with the use of soft brushes and fluid movements gently guide the way to achieve a quiet peaceful mind.

Tibetan Sound Massage (60 min) $101

A unique massage ritual with traditional Tibetan Singing bowls.  An extraordinarily embracing treatment to harmoniously resonate with body, mind and soul.

These treatments get maximum benefits when done in a series, once a week for 6 weeks. Please consult with your therapist for what is best for you.

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