Waxing Services in Warsaw, IN

The team at ExpressionS Salon & Day Spa is committed to helping all guests feel beautiful, pampered, and rejuvenated. Whether you are looking to reshape your eyebrows, get ready for bathing suit season, or think shaving is a hassle, we have the waxing services to suit your needs.

These services are the perfect complement to our massage, salon, spa services and maternity services. We are committed to giving our guests a luxurious, pampered experience.

Soft Sense Epilation


15 min $15


15 min $19

Full Arm

30 min $48


15 min $20


45 min $63


15 min $20


45 min $63


30 min $53


30 min $47

Full Leg

1.25 hr $85

Wax Tips

•   To make the most of your waxing service, it’s best if your hair is no shorter than 1/2 inch.

•   Waxing works best if you exfoliate the area with a gentle scrub 24 hours before your appointment time.

•   For a Brazilian or bikini wax, hair growth should be approximately 2 weeks (1/2”)

•   We recommend Relax & Wax, No Scream Cream. Apply 45 minutes prior to your waxing service to desensitize the areas to soften and smooth away callouses (15 min)

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